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"Our experience dictates that it doesn't require a new strategy and
ict to quickly collect on the current great untapped potential

Together with our customers, we define and optimize their organizational DNA so that it is extremely distinctive and commonly experienced. We then implement it without making any concessions. We are happy to be held accountable for the surprising and measurable results achieved.

Wessel Berkman founded The Brown Paper Company in 1999. Together with its customers, The Brown Paper Company implements projects that help organizations perform better. The Brown Paper Company provides specialists in change management, the structural and the cultural domains and the integral puzzle with which these two can present us.

Every organization has employees who see opportunities. An organization can grow by improving together. This can be realized by creating a passionate organization in which employees can seize opportunities and learn from each other to a maximum extent. They will build a distinctive organization in which they challenge each other to achieve nothing but the best for their customers.

The question that we ask on a daily basis is: How do we collect on this huge untapped potential? Experience tells us that many organizations make incremental improvements at best; they may even have a hard time maintaining a certain quality level. The Brown Paper Company provides a way to improve fundamentally and durably, with surprising results.

Over 175 projects delivered successfully
The Brown Paper Company has worked for well-known companies that believe in the bottom-up conversion of untapped potential. Our aim is not to be the biggest, but to be the best. We grow because we have passionate and committed employees, and because we choose our partners carefully.

1 billion in additional sales
Our success is demonstrated by the list of customers and results achieved posted on our website. Over the past years, we have fulfilled our promise in more than 175 projects. In 2011, we reached the magical number of 1 billion Euro in overall additional sales for our customers! These measurable results are what we are pleased to be held accountable for.

What makes us tick?
Future-proof organizations have a strong, collectively experienced and distinctive organizational DNA. It constitutes the soul, creates added value and allows the organization to operate as one team. This DNA with the ultimate market service is the reason why your customers are pleased to buy from you and talented staff are keen to work for you. Many organizations have lost this DNA.

What is our approach?
With our proven Brown Paper Method, directors, staff on the shop floor, management and customers together create the ultimate market service. With a clear and realistic direction (strategy), integral approach focusing on a satisfying culture and structures, on energy, challenging coaching, training and 'a promise is a promise', we ensure the emergence of a decisive organization.

What is the result?
The most fun and inspiring improvement track, which ensures the most distinctive organization with the largest organic growth and sustainability. This growth guarantees the maximum operational and financial results - results that we are pleased to be judged on.

Key facts

  • Founded in 1999 by Wessel Berkman
  • Employing more than 45 committed, trained, and passionate professionals
  • Over 175 projects delivered successfully
  • Specialist in: 
    - Commercial departments: sales and account management 
    - Back-offices 
    - Production & maintenance

Unique selling points / Why do directors buy from The Brown Paper Company?

  1. Structure and culture: an integral puzzle
    The integral design of structure and culture is based on a collectively experienced organizational DNA. An improvement project comprises an integral approach combining both: structure & culture, mechanic & organic, hard & soft, red & blue. The change in culture too is made measurable in terms of time.
  2. Sector-exclusive
    Within the timeframe of the relevant project, we exclusively work for an organization in one specific sector. This organization we make the best, because only one can be or become the most distinctive and we do not resell the DNA we have developed to a third party.
  3. Thinking in success rates (payment partly dependent on results)
    We truly think in terms of success rates by creating measurable added values for our clients. We are also fully accountable for the result. A part of the investment is result-dependent with a view to enhancing thinking in terms of success rates and guaranteeing results. We stay until it works.
  4. Bottom-up, together with directors and management
    Our approach is bottom-up, involving staff on the shop floor, management and directors alike. This way we create a commonly experienced and distinctive organizational DNA. An organization-wide soul that takes root in its deepest core: co-creation and social innovation!
  5. Clear and realistic mindset
    Together with the management we assess the existing strategy in terms of clarity and realism: can it work in the current organization? If necessary we further refine the mindset or design a new one. There can be no thorough implementation without a clear and realistic mindset.
  6. Unique method
    We present a unique improvement track, the 'Brown Paper Method', which we tailor to every specific customer situation. The method boasts the latest developments and we continuously train our BPC improvement team to make it the best in our sector.
  7. More than 60 accredited and dedicated professionals
    We work with the best team of dedicated professionals who are well-trained in applying our method. Based on a common philosophy and method we speak the same language, work efficiently and prime the relevant activities from the start. This way we realize a faster yield for our clients.
  8. Not just 'Top of the class' but 'Top and most distinctive of the class'
    Apart from 'efficient and effective', like 'Lean and Lean Six Sigma', our approach is also oriented toward a distinctive DNA with a challenging management that feels very strongly about 'a deal is a deal'. This is how we create a decisive organization.

When will you truly begin collecting on the untapped potential within your organization? Visit today!

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